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7. Zakupy i usługi
5. Życie rodzinne i ...
address, single, blonde, ambitious, punctual, tolerant,
fascinated, interested, depressed, hobby, music, sport, theatre,
1. Ellen is a young woman. She has got long blond hair and big
brown eyes. She looks sad. She is wearing a blue top.
2. Ben is an old man. His hair is ginger and he has dreadlocks.
He has got a moustache but he hasn’t got a beard.
3. Ted is a boy. He has got short dark hair and glasses on his
nose. He has freckles on his face. He is wearing a white
honest, ambitious, generous, bored, excited, reliable, talkative,
fascinated, punctual, serious, quiet
Adam: I’m a teenager and I try to find new hobbies all
the time. Things get so boring sometimes. I suppose
I don’t mind sports so I’ve recently joined my local
fitness club and I must say it isn’t too bad. I go there to
work out twice a week. It seems OK and I’m beginning
to like it. I’ve also tried wall climbing and I hope
I don’t get bored with it too quickly. I might also take
up water polo – my best friend loves it and says it’s
the best sport ever!
A: Hello, how can I help you?
B: I’m going to a party tonight and I’d like to look different. I’d
like to have my hair cut.
A: How much?
B: I’d like a new style, actually.
A: OK. How about something like the styles in this magazine?
A: Who is that guy over there?
B: Which one?
A: The tall one with dark hair in a blue striped top. The one
standing next to the DJ.
B: Oh, him. He is our new classmate, Eric. All the girls are in love
with him.
A: Why don’t you ask him for a dance?
B: Yeah, right …
I feel a bit angry with her for not coming to the date. I’d bought
her some flowers and I really wanted to meet her. She didn’t
ring to say sorry or anything like that. I don’t think she just
forgot. I think she didn’t come because she doesn’t find me
interesting anymore.
A: Hello, how can I help you?
B: My ID card has been stolen. I need to get a new one.
A: Did you report it to the police?
B: Yes, I did.
A: In that case please complete this personal form. I also need
two photographs from you.
B: OK. When can I come to collect my new ID?
A: In two weeks’ time. I’ll ring you when it’s ready to be
B: Thank you. Good bye.
Luke: Hi, Olivia, have you already written the essay about
your hobbies for tomorrow’s French lesson?
Olivia: Hi, Luke, yes, I’ve just finished!
Luke: So how do you and your family spend your time off?
Do you read books or watch TV?
Olivia: Neither really. It depends on the day but we usually
devote our time to our hobbies. I love keeping fit so
I try to go for a swim or a jog. My dad looks after his
plants, cuts the grass or tidies up in his shed. And you?
Luke: My mum can’t stand gardening so she leaves it to dad
and spends her time off doing what she loves most and
that is baking things or making wonderful desserts.
Olivia: And you, Luke?
Luke: I often go out with my mates. I think I just love hanging
out with them.
If you’re into fashion like me, why don’t you take part in our
fashion contest?
You must be over fourteen and a student at one of the local
schools. You must wear something trendy but original – it
could be something smart or sporty. You must be prepared to
participate in a two-hour long casting session and then practise
walking on a catwalk. That’s not too much, is it? Trust me! I’ve
been doing this for the last thirteen years and I can tell you it’s
not that hard at all.
The contest will take place in the Odeon theatre next weekend
and you will be judged by a group of fashion experts from all
over the country. The main prize is a trip to Paris! Don’t miss
your chance to show your talent and travel to the capital city of
Send your application forms to the following email address: See you there!
A: I really feel angry about Tom’s behaviour. How can anyone be
so egotistical? He didn’t do anything to complete the project.
He didn’t even help with the tidying up afterwards. People
like him really drive me mad.
B: Yeah. Me too. I can’t stand selfish and messy people. But
I thought that Rebecca’s behaviour wasn’t much better. She
worked hard on the project but then she told everyone that
the project was her idea and that without her it would be no
good. How can you be so big-headed?! We all did our best,
well, except Tom.
A: Yeah. You’re right. I don’t know why some people are like
that. Is it their upbringing or what?
B: I have no idea. I think we should speak to the two of them
and let them know how we feel.
A: What a good idea! We can’t just ignore this. Perhaps I could
speak to Tom tomorrow.
B: Let’s make sure both of them hear what we have to say.
A: All right then.
I don’t understand why so many people laugh at those who
have put on too much weight. They just make fun of overweight
people, which makes these people eat even more because
of depression. I have quite a few overweight friends and they
are just great mates, funny and very generous. I’m really not
bothered by their looks.
It’s my impression that cute-looking guys are often given higher
grades than those who are less attractive. They just smile in
a nice way and that’s often enough to get a better score. It’s
unfair but I’ve decided to smile more and use my charm as well.
I’m not that bad-looking myself after all.
I could give you lots and lots of examples of individuals who
look absolutely wonderful, almost perfect, but have no brains
at all. Just switch on your TV and see for yourself! Some of them
can’t even say a proper sentence or behave properly!
They are just so easygoing and they are easier to make friends
with than other people. I know two gingers and they prove
my point. I generally think these people are more cheerful and
tolerant and this makes them be surrounded by friends.
1. Jenny said you didn’t want to help her with her homework.
2. Did you hear the news? Kate’s got a new, half Spanish
3. I think you look terrific in black.
4. My sister and I were absolutely identical when we were small
centre, restaurant, hospital, hotel, bank, cathedral, museum,
sports centre, park, garage, hall, sofa
This room is quite big. There are two big windows. On the right,
there is a wardrobe with a lot of books in it. In front of it, there
is a blue sofa with two cushions. There is a white armchair by
the window. There is also a big square table with a tall lamp on
it. Next to the table, there are four wooden chairs. It looks like
a very comfortable place.
Stella: Last winter I stayed in the Ice Hotel in Quebec, in
Canada. It was an interesting experience. Everything
in the hotel was made of ice, the beds too!!! And I felt
like I was in a very elegant igloo! The rooms were nice
and it wasn’t very cold at all. We just had to dress up
in warm clothes. We could even watch a movie, have
a nice drink in the Ice Bar and visit two art galleries.
However, there are two problems. The hotel is quite
expensive and it’s only open in winter.
A: So what do you want me to do here?
B: Well, the whole place is a mess. Why don’t you start by
clearing up all the leaves and then you could cut the grass?
Is that OK?
A: Yes, sounds fine. It’ll take me about three hours so I’ll ring
you when I finish.
B: The tools are on the terrace. Thanks.
I don’t like living here. Blocks of flats aren’t for me! It’s too noisy
for me and there are too many neighbours. I’d like to live in
the countryside in a cottage with a small garden. I don’t need
a huge mansion. I just need peace and quiet.
I’ve got a really lovely room. The walls are yellow and orange
and they match the lampshades. There’s little furniture, just
a few shelves and a bed, so I have lots of space. The only thing
I’d like to change are the curtains – they just don’t match
the rest of the room – they’re too dark.
A: Mum! Come quickly!
B: What’s the matter?
A: It’s wet everywhere. It’s like a swimming pool! All my books
have been damaged! Mum! Come here!
B: Oh no, not again. The neighbours have forgotten to turn
their taps off again! Yesterday they had a loud party and
now this!
Jack: Peter, where would you like to live when you grow up?
Peter: I dream of living in a small house in a safe housing
estate outside the city. I’d like to live in a quiet area.
And you, Jack?
Jack: Just the opposite. I’d love to live close to the main
street and have all the shops and things nearby. I asked
Mike and Amanda the same question and guess what
they said.
Peter: I know Amanda loves skiing so she’d love to live
somewhere where she can do that. Am I right?
Jack: Yes! She’d like a house in the Alps, she said. And Mike?
Peter: No idea.
Jack: He wants to live close to some water because he loves
Peter: Oh, I didn’t know that.
While waiting for our guide to tell us about the Kremlin, I can
give you some basic information I remember about the place
from the time I taught Russian culture. You may be interested
to know that originally the Kremlin was a wooden castle.
Now, the Kremlin is Moscow’s top tourist destination and
one of the biggest presidential residences in the world. It has
700 rooms, all of which were built with the best quality and
most expensive materials. The biggest rooms are the five gala
reception rooms. The largest gala room is called St George’s.
It has nice decorations and furniture but I heard that the most
impressive part is the room’s floor made from twenty different
kinds of wood. I guess we’ll see this masterpiece soon. Oh, look.
Someone’s coming.
A: How was the hotel?
B: Absolutely wonderful! Very luxurious. Lovely wooden
furniture and very comfortable beds. We had a huge TV
screen but no free access to the Net for some reason.
I managed somehow though it wasn’t easy not to be in
A: Sounds superb! What about the view?
B: We had an en suite room overlooking the sea so every day
we could admire the beautiful views and every night we
could watch the sunset. Absolutely marvellous.
A: So what did you like best about your stay then?
B: Well, I guess the Jacuzzi in our room. We had to pay extra for
a room with one but it was worth it. It was so spacious. I felt so
relaxed in it. I also learnt where the name ‘Jacuzzi’ comes from!
A: Interesting. I don’t know myself.
B: The name comes from Roy Jacuzzi, an Italian who emigrated
to the USA. The first device was produced in 1970!
A: Well, they say travel broadens the mind.
The area where I live isn’t too bad, I suppose. Shops and most
other things are within walking distance. The trouble is that
the housing estate is situated in the suburbs so it takes me a bit
too long to get to the centre. On the whole, though, I think it’s
I’ve been living here for years and I’m used to the area and
the people here. Everything seems familiar and I feel very safe.
I have friendly neighbours and enough shops to keep me going.
Yeah, I think it’s a good place to live in.
I wouldn’t move from here even if you paid me a million dollars!
When I look at the other parts of the city, which are so dirty
and dangerous, I know I’ve chosen the ideal place to live in. It’s
so peaceful here. The neighbours get on really well and do so
much together for the community. It’s a real paradise!
Why is everybody asking me this question? Does it really matter
which area of the town you live in? As long as you’ve got a roof
above your head, it shouldn’t matter. I don’t get sentimental
about places where I live. If the rent goes up, I just move out
and look for a new place. That’s all.
1. Do you live close to your school?
2. Have you got a big flat?
3. Have you got your own room?
4. Is your room very cosy?
5. Do you live in a nice area?
6. Are there a lot of young people living in your block of flats?
biology, chemistry, geography, history, physics, maths, music,
certificate, class, college, university, student, test, exam
Jessica: I like my school a lot. It’s a different kind of school.
We don’t have normal classes like in most schools. We
have lessons via the Internet and we meet our teachers
once a week to talk about our marks and homework.
The best thing about my school is the afternoon
activities twice a week. We usually play different team
sports and have lots of school competitions. We often
watch a film and then have a discussion about it.
Sometimes we go out for a walk or to a museum. We
often plan our school trips and parties – it’s a lot of fun.
In this way the school wants to make sure we know our
schoolmates and keep in touch with each other.
A: Hi, how are things at the new school?
B: Hi. Oh, it’s a wonderful school. The pupils are very nice and
well-behaved. The headmaster is very friendly. The best thing
is the language lab. Lessons there are real fun.
A: Lucky you. At my school, we have to use old CD players and
a blackboard. Do you think your school may need another
English teacher? I wouldn’t mind changing where I work at
the moment.
B: Oh, I don’t know. I can ask.
A: Thanks. Let me know.
A: Robert, you’ve got to do something about your school
results. It’s nearly the end of the school year and your marks
aren’t very good.
B: I’m simply very poor at maths and physics, you know that.
A: It isn’t just these two subjects. What about your English and
history? You failed the last two tests, didn’t you?
B: Yeah, but they were very difficult.
A: Robert! You need to spend more time studying – as simple as
that! No more friends until all your marks get better! Is that
B: Yeah, …
I love my school. It’s got really nice classrooms with lots of
modern teaching aids like, for example, interactive whiteboards
and multimedia projectors. I also like the school’s library. I spend
quite a lot of time there, actually. However, my favourite place
is the schoolyard where I meet and chat with my friends during
A: Where did you lose it, Mark?
B: I don’t know. It was in my pencil case this morning. Then
I used it to write the essay and I haven’t seen it since. Now
I have to use someone else’s pen!
A: Did you look under the desk?
B: Millions of times! All I found was someone else’s pencil.
A: It must be somewhere!
B: I hope it is. I got this fountain pen as a present from my
grandad. It’s my favourite.
Peter: John, I’d like to have grades as good as yours. How
come you’re so good at everything?
John: You must be joking, Peter! I’m only good at one
subject and you know that. I love learning about
what happened in the past and the way people lived.
I’m quite average when it comes to subjects like
languages. I dislike geography as well and I’m quite
bad at it, actually.
Peter: That’s the only subject I’m good at. I love working with
maps and atlases. I always dream of visiting the countries
I’m studying. I’d like to be good at French like Melanie.
John: Oh, yes. She speaks it so she gets top marks in all
the tests. Her dad is from Paris so that helps a lot,
doesn’t it?
Peter: I suppose so but her twin sister, Jessica, isn’t as good.
She draws and paints beautifully and always receives
very good marks for her artistic work.
John: Something else I can’t do well, Peter!
A: … So, tell us now about activists. What kind of learners are
B: They like new experiences. They are enthusiastic about new
ideas but they get bored very quickly. They enjoy action. So,
as learners they like learning new things, solving problems,
role-plays and team tasks. They often like doing very difficult
things. Meetings and discussions are also among their
favourite activities.
A: So what makes them learn less quickly?
B: They aren’t very keen on long lectures or explanations. They
don’t really like reading or writing on their own. They just
need friends to learn better!
A: OK, and what about reflectors …
Can I have your attention, please?
I’m pleased to say that the timetable for extracurricular classes
has been finally drawn up. We will be offering a great range of
activities, which will be organized in the afternoons after your
classes. You can sign up for as many as you wish so I hope it
will meet your expectations. Ms Simpson, my assistant, will be
going round the classrooms with more detailed information
on the courses your teachers are going to run. You can register
on the school’s website from Monday onwards. If you have any
questions, please contact Ms Simpson or me. I hope you’ll like
the activities we’ve come up with.
I believe that good teaching depends on the skills and creativity
of the teacher. Interesting lessons happen when teachers
explain things well and manage to interest their students in
the topic. Competent teachers don’t have to use interactive
whiteboards or projectors to motivate their learners.
We have a new teacher who doesn’t have any idea how to use
things like the Internet or even a DVD player. Well, maybe he
does, but we’ve never had any lessons based on an interesting
web page or a film. I’m very keen on new technology because
it helps me to learn better so for me the lessons without it are
dull. I lose my concentration and switch off.
I’m not really a great fan of modern technology in
the classroom. I don’t think these electronic gadgets make
classes any better. However, I have a feeling that that’s the way
students are going to study ten years from now. Schools as we
know them will disappear and they will be replaced by some
Internet-based lessons. We’ll be sitting at home and learning via
the Internet. How boring!
Someone should prevent teachers from using digital
gadgets too much. They rely far too heavily on PowerPoint
presentations and interactive whiteboards. Teachers no longer
have to come up with ideas of how to interest the learner
because they think technology does it for them. But I know
that after a while students get bored with it and want ‘normal’
lessons so to say.
1. Did you hear? a maths test on Friday!
2. Have you done your physics homework yet?
3. There’s a parents’ meeting next week.
4. Do you know that we’re going on a school trip in May?
actor, artist, doctor, manager, pilot, receptionist, clinic, hospital,
hotel, university, firm, promotion, qualifications, marketing,
career, business
John: Being a DJ is only a part-time job so I don’t earn
enough money. I work long hours over the weekend
and I never have the time to meet my friends. When
I leave the club on Sunday night, I feel very tired and
it takes me two days to recover. I used to think that it
was the best job in the world but I don’t think it’s such
a good job any more.
A: Ms Wilson, I’d like you to do some things for me while you’re
still in the office.
B: Of course, Mr Thomson. What do you want me to do?
A: Before we go to the restaurant, could you please check my
diary for the next week and see what meetings I have?
B: Yes, certainly.
A: Can you also book a hotel room for Mr Mathews for next
Monday? He’s coming to our dinner party.
B: Certainly.
A: Thank you.
A: So what’s the problem?
B: There’s something wrong with his leg. He can’t walk properly.
A: Let me have a look. Well … it isn’t broken but perhaps there’s
something in his paw. Oh, look! There’s something sharp here.
B: Oh dear! Is it serious?
A: No, I’ll just pull it out now. He should be OK. You can take him
for long walks Mrs Miller – don’t worry.
B: Oh, thank you. He also gets my newspaper every morning –
I just couldn’t live without him.
A: Good morning, everyone. Thank you for coming to our
meeting. I’d like to introduce Mr Phillips. He’s our new deputy
headmaster. Mr Phillips will also take PE classes with grades
four and five. I’d like you to help Mr Phillips as much as
possible, please.
B: Of course. Good morning, Mr Phillips. I can take you round
the classrooms and the gym and tell you all about our
wonderful pupils …
I work from home so I need to rely on technology to help me do
my job. I really use the Net a lot. I need to update my website
all the time so a quick broadband connection is important to
me. But the thing I couldn’t live without is my mobile. Without
one, I wouldn’t be able to do much. I just couldn’t contact my
customers. Even my laptop isn’t that necessary.
A: So what can you tell us about teenagers working in the UK?
B: More and more teenagers want to work because they want
to have their own money. They can start work at the age of
13 and can work after 7 am and before 7 pm.
A: Can they work for eight hours like adults?
B: No, of course not. They can only work for two hours on
schooldays and Sundays and up to five hours on Saturdays.
During the school term, they can’t work for more than 12
hours a week.
A: And during holiday time?
B: Up to 25 hours a week.
A: What are the most popular jobs among 13–14-year-olds?
B: They can deliver newspapers before they go to school. We
call them paper boys or girls. They can help the milkman
deliver milk. Babysitting is also popular – teenagers look
after younger kids and often watch television with them.
A: How much can they earn?
B: It depends but usually they get paid around £3 an hour.
A: Do they need a work permit?
B: Yes, they do. They have to complete a special application form.
A: Thank you for all this information. Let us know what
the situation is like in your country. Send us your texts or
emails …
Think about all the reasons you would need to buy a card in
your life … Birthdays, sympathy, support & encouragement,
newborns, graduations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s
Day, Christmas, the list goes on and on. Greeting card
companies always encourage writers to send their ideas for
new cards. If you are creative enough, these companies will
be willing to allow you to earn quite a lot just to keep you
writing for them. It’s a job that can easily be done in your room,
provided you have access to the Net. The job doesn’t require
complex contracts either. Writers just need to know how to
express an appropriate message in a few words. It is reported
that one idea can earn you $150. Interested?
A: What’s more important to you: money or job satisfaction?
B: How should I know?! I’ve never worked in my entire life!
Why are you asking anyway?
A: Because of what my father said last night.
B: Which is?
A: My dad told me that money doesn’t matter if a person
hates what they do every day. Sounds good but then he’s
always complaining about how little he gets paid. So what’s
the point of saying what he said?
B: Well, I guess he’s right. Now when I think of it, I’d love to be
able to do my job with pleasure rather than feel unhappy
about what I do even if I earn less.
A: Yes but you can’t feel much satisfaction unless you earn
enough to enjoy life.
B: I think we’ll have to wait until we grow up to see for
A: Not necessarily. I know money will be more important for
A: Hello. In today’s programme, we’re going to talk about
teenagers and work. With me in the studio is Paula Davies.
Paula is sixteen and she’s currently working at the weekends.
Paula, tell us why teenagers should find employment.
B: Well, teenagers have some spare time and a desire for
money. Money can give them freedom but they can also
learn a lot about the value of things as well as the world
of business. What you get out of a job depends on your
attitude. If your attitude is, ‘I hate this job’, then obviously you
will get nothing out of it.
A: So what should teenagers do to make the most out of their
work experience?
B: For example, if they work at a fast food restaurant, they
should look at their job as an opportunity to learn how
a business works from the inside out. They can gather
the knowledge and certain skills necessary to run
a restaurant. They should try as many positions as possible
and ask lots of questions about money matters and dealing
with customers. Many of the millionaires in this country, for
example, are owners of private restaurants. Many of them
learned how to run a restaurant by working in a restaurant.
A: So, if you show this attitude, you can learn a lot, gain plenty
of confidence and very valuable experience. Is this what
you’re saying?
B: Absolutely! I got these ideas from a wonderful book called
The Teenager’s Guide to the Real World and they worked for
me, I must say.
A: Thank you, Paula. The lines are open now and Paula will be
happy to take your calls and offer her advice.
1. Bill has just got a great summer job.
2. Did you hear the news? Kate’s got sacked!
3. Poor Toby, he’s sent out lots of applications but can’t get a job.
4. My mum travels on business a lot, during most weekends
son, cousin, colleague, class, hobby, lunch, festival, pub,
celebrate, congratulations, condolences, argument
Daniel: My mum didn’t keep in touch with her family so I didn’t
really know them very well. I hadn’t seen my godfather,
my mum’s brother Tom, for years when one day he
came to see me before Christmas. He brought me lots of
presents and invited me to watch a football match with
him. Now he’s my best friend and we get on really well.
We never argue and we understand each other perfectly.
I often visit him with Tina, my girlfriend and we go for
long walks. It’s great to have him back in my life!
A: Alan, why do you keep leaving such a mess?! I’m really tired
of cleaning up after you.
B: I’m sorry but I’m busy studying for my exams.
A: Well, I understand but it isn’t fair. I’m also busy and I can’t
wash up and put your things away all the time. We share
this place and all the duties, don’t we? We don’t live with our
parents anymore – so we all need to do something!
B: Yeah, all right. I’ll try to remember …
Please leave a message after the tone …
… Hi, Jess. I’ve been trying to call you all day! Where are you?
I’ve got some news for you. Debbie and Mike have changed
the date of their wedding. It’s no longer April 30th. They’re
planning to get married on the 14th of May. So we need to
decorate the house the day before – hope that’s OK with you.
Ring back as soon as you can, please.
A: Robbie, it’s your aunt’s birthday tomorrow. I think we could
organize a surprise party for her.
B: Tomorrow? I’m seeing my girlfriend tomorrow and we want
to go to the cinema.
A: Robbie, your aunt is 75 tomorrow and she’ll be very happy
if her family and especially her nephew remember her
birthday. You can bring your girlfriend with you. The cinema
can wait, can’t it?
B: OK, I suppose so. I’ll speak to Sylvia about it.
A: Great! So you can go and get a birthday card and some
flowers on the way home from school tomorrow.
B: Yeah, sure …
Paul and Josh are my twin brothers. They look the same but
they’re interested in completely different things. Paul’s into
sports, especially winter sports. He’s very keen on skating, for
example. Josh, on the other hand, loves puzzles and different
games. He plays chess with his friends all the time. But there’s
one thing they have in common – they’re both into drawing
and painting. They’re very good at it, actually.
A: I know that chat rooms, services like Messenger or our Polish
Gadu-Gadu or blogs are very popular meeting places. I’ve
made a lot of friends on the Internet myself but is it true
that people can now buy friends on the Internet? What do
experts such as you have to say about this?
B: Yes, it is. It’s a new thing, at least in Poland. People sell their
friendship like shops sell products. There are three types of
friendship: standard, extra and VIP.
A: What’s the difference?
B: For example, the standard friendship means you have
an Internet friend for six months and you get two email
messages a month.
A: What about the VIP one?
B: This one is really interesting. You get a friend for life and
email messages every day.
A: Do you really have to pay for these friends?
B: Yes, you do and it isn’t cheap.
A: Thank you, Mr Johnson.
The Full Moon Party is the best and biggest all-night party in
the world. It takes place on the Sunrise Beach on the island of
Koh Phangan in Thailand, on the night of every full moon. These
parties are very popular with tourists and each party attracts
between 10,000–30,000 people! The parties are huge festivals
of music and dancing. Partygoers always wear colourful clothes,
headbands and sunglasses. They often paint their bodies in
fluorescent paints and then they dance the night away to
the rhythms of drum and bass, house and reggae. People find
these parties so exciting that in some parts of Thailand people
organize Half Moon parties twice a month.
A: How do you find being an only child?
B: When I come to think of it, I guess it’s not so bad. I don’t have
to share my parents’ attention and time with anyone. We
actually get the chance to be with each other for a few hours
every day. I get more pocket money and better presents so,
on the whole, I think I prefer it like that. And you?
A: Well, I’m not sure. My parents are extremely busy so they
hardly ever spend time with me. Perhaps if I had a brother or
sister, I would have some company, someone to go out with.
B: Yeah, but you don’t know whether or not you would get on
with your sibling or not. You could end up arguing all the time.
A: Maybe … but at the same time we could just be great mates.
I’m an optimist as you know.
B: Yeah, I guess people who have a sibling feel less lonely and
have someone to talk to. Still, I quite enjoy being on my own.
A: Lucky you! I don’t. I guess I’ll have you to talk to every day
during the school breaks.
My mum and dad are both very hard-working lawyers and they
want me to follow in their footsteps and become a lawyer too.
I’m totally uninterested in things like law, plus I’m too young to
know what I would like to do in the future. So I refuse to listen
to them and do what they want me to do, which is study history
for example. I want to spend my time with my friends and my
parents criticize me for that every day. They say I waste my time.
But apart from this, we feel quite close to one another.
My parents help me a lot but I’ve had enough of them telling me
what to do and how to do it. Every time I want to make my own
decision, they say I’m too young to decide about things like my
friends or my future. They think I’m a five-year-old, who knows
nothing. I’d appreciate more freedom and I think I’ll talk to them
about it. Maybe they simply don’t realize what they’re doing.
I used to do as I was told by my parents until I decided I wanted
to be more independent. My dad disagreed with my way of
looking at things and started shouting at me. I answered back
and said something horrible to my mum and since then we’ve
been quarrelling all the time. I’m sorry about what I said to my
mum but I want them to be sorry about the way they treat me
as well.
My parents have never been overprotective. My friends often
complain that their parents tell them what to do and I must say
I feel sorry for them. I’ve always been encouraged to think for
myself, take my own decisions and live with them. I’ve made
mistakes but they were my own mistakes and I had to correct
them myself. I may take my parents’ advice but I often try to
think of a solution to the problem on my own. I enjoy this,
banana, chocolate, cream, jam, pizza, pasta, spaghetti, steak,
yoghurt, salad, soup, dessert, fast food, lunch, grill, mix, café,
bar, menu
1. For breakfast I had a bowl of cornflakes and a glass of water.
2. For lunch I had tomato soup and a mixed salad.
3. For dinner I went to a restaurant.
4. For a starter I had a piece of melon.
5. For the main course I had grilled chicken and some boiled
6. I had no dessert after the meal.
7. For supper at home I just had a piece of toast with butter and
a cup of tea.
Angela: Generally speaking, I like eating most foods. I try to eat
healthy meals and snacks. I often cook for myself and
I know how to make many different salads and pasta
dishes. I usually have water with my meals or a cup of
very strong tea. But I have one real problem …
– I really love eating pizza. I know it’s fast food and it
isn’t very good for you but I can’t stop myself. The pizza
I really love is the one with lots of cheese, salami
and black olives. They serve these pizzas in an Italian
restaurant not far from my school, so whenever I have
some time, I go there. I usually order a big one and
I never leave anything on my plate. It’s so delicious!!!
A: Are you ready to order, Sir?
B: Yes. I’d like mushroom soup for my starter and fish and chips
for the main course.
A: Anything to drink?
B: Yes, can I have a glass of still mineral water please, but only
when I finish my meal?
A: Certainly.
A: So what do you fancy?
B: I’m not very hungry. Maybe a salad or a pancake? And you?
A: I’m starving. I need a real meal. I’m going to have steak and
chips, I think.
B: OK, I’ll just have a spinach pancake. Let’s get the waiter
then …
A: What a day!
B: Yes, it is very busy today, isn’t it?
A: And I have this really terrible customer! He doesn’t
like anything I serve him and he wants to complain to
the manager about me.
B: Which one?
A: The one sitting next to the window.
B: Oh, I know him. He’s always like that. Why does he keep
coming back?
I really had no idea what to buy for my mum. She loves getting
bits and pieces for her kitchen so that was all I knew. First, I was
looking at some plates but the choice wasn’t too good. I also
thought about buying a new saucepan but the ones I saw were
quite expensive so in the end I went for a kettle. The one she has
is quite old, actually. It seemed a better option than the plates
or the saucepan.
Laura: Hi, dad! Is the barbecue ready? My friends are coming
round in an hour or so.
Father: Not quite, Laura. I didn’t know what to put on it. Not
everybody likes steak and chips like me. Any idea what
you fancy, what they fancy?
Laura: You know me. No meat! I’m a vegan, remember.
Father: Yeah, yeah … How about Tim?
Laura: Tim wouldn’t mind some grilled salmon if you have
Father: That’s fine. I bought some this morning. What about
Laura: Not sure. He’s keen on meat stuff, mushrooms but not
A: Everybody knows that Britain is a tea-drinking nation but
what does this actually mean?
B: Well, we just drink a lot of tea. We drink 165 million cups of it
a day and each year we import around 144 thousand tons of
different teas.
A: That’s really a lot. Is there a special British way of making tea?
B: I think so. We put one spoonful of tea for each person plus
one extra spoonful in a warmed teapot and add boiling
water. We drink it very strong and with a lot of milk.
A: Why milk? This tradition isn’t very common in the rest of
the world. I travelled to Poland last week and hardly anyone
likes tea with milk there. I felt strange asking for milk all
the time but the Poles were understanding of my English
B: Well, I think the tradition started many years ago when
people drank tea in delicate porcelain cups. So as not to
break the cups, people added cold milk first and that’s how it
A: Interesting. Thank you very much for all this information.
B: You’re welcome.
‘The English have their breakfast, the Scottish have their
haggis’, some people say. Scotland is well-known for its game
and salmon but above all for its most traditional dish – haggis.
Haggis is made from lamb’s liver, lungs and heart mixed with
onions, herbs and spices, all packed in a bag made from
a sheep’s stomach. In fact, it looks like a sausage. Haggis is
served with mashed potatoes or turnips. It is the main course
served at the Burns supper on the week of January 25th, when
Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns, is remembered.
I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. All people need to
do is change their ways and habits. What’s the point of killing
thousands of innocent creatures so that we can eat them?
It’s a myth that humans must eat beef or pork to get enough
protein. People should eat more vegetables instead.
I couldn’t eat meat. When I think of those poor animals which
get killed, it makes me sick. But that’s not the reason why I’ve
become a vegetarian. I’ve felt much much better since I gave
up eating meat. What’s more, I believe that meat-free diets are
the most beneficial for our health – just look at me. I’m a real
picture of health.
I’ve had enough of people telling me what I should and
shouldn’t eat. I love eating meat, fatty stuff and all things
forbidden. Just look at the people who do the opposite. They
look so pale and thin. Sometimes I think they have no energy to
do anything and they often seem so unwell!
I work as a doctor so I know what I’m talking about. Humans
should have regular portions of meat every week. a meat-based
diet is actually advisable from the point of view of one’s health.
It keeps people healthy so it’s simply necessary to eat either
pork, beef or turkey, for example. Of course, our meals shouldn’t
consist only of meat but ought to be rich in vitamins and
minerals so greens are very important too.
jeans, shorts, T-shirt, sandals, sweater, plaster, bandage,
antibiotics, supermarket, photographer’s, credit card, special
offer, repair, service, refund
A: Hello, we’re from The Consumers Magazine. Can you tell us
why you bought these things?
B: Sure. I needed the glasses because I’m going away on
holiday. I bought a magazine because I need something
to read on the way home and a pen to do the crossword.
The notebooks are for school. And I’m a bit hungry so
I bought a packet of crisps and some fruit, eh …that’s grapes.
I love them!
Karen: This was a really fantastic trip. I’m a bit of a shopaholic
so I always visit the most famous shops to see what
bargains I can get in them. So when I went to America
last year, my first visit was to Macy’s in New York City. It
has got 10 floors with over half a million goods on sale.
It has the world’s best and most fashionable boutiques
and a really nice kitchen department called The Cellar.
You can buy things for the kitchen and you can also
buy really nice food there. People think Macy’s is only
for the rich and famous but you can find some real
bargains there. It’s the biggest store in the USA and for
me also the nicest to visit.
A: Can I help you?
B: Yes. I’m looking for the latest novel by Edna O’Neil. I don’t
remember the title.
A: Let me have a look in our computer system. It’s called
The End but I’m afraid we’ve sold out. We only have an audio
book version of it.
B: No, thanks. Do you think you’ll have more copies soon?
A: Yes, we should get some next week. Perhaps you’d like to
buy one of our special edition calendars for half-price?
B: Not really. I’ll come back next week for the novel if that’s OK.
Thank you.
A: You’re welcome.
A: Hello, how can I help you?
B: I’d like to book a trip to Spain. I found a nice offer in your
A: Yes …, it’s a last-minute package trip and the price is really
attractive. Shall I book it for you?
B: Yes, please. Can I find out more about the hotel and the food
and all that?
A: Sure, what would you like to know?
A: Hello, can I help you?
B: Yes. I’m looking for a cotton top.
A: What size do you take?
B: Medium.
A: I think we have some nice brown sweatshirts. Would you like
to try one on?
B: I’d prefer a short-sleeved top. Blue, if possible.
A: I’m afraid we’ve run out of them.
B: That’s a shame. Well in that case, I’ll see what I look like in this
brown sweatshirt.
A: OK, just give me a moment …
They say that girls are in love with shopping but it isn’t true in
my case. I can’t stand shops and shopping. I’m not sure why
but I think the worst thing for me are the crowds of people
everywhere I go. Maybe if shops were empty, I’d go shopping
more often. But then again I’d spend all my money on silly
things so it’s just as well the shops are full!
A: So, can you tell us a bit more about Allegro?
B: Sure. I read the history of Allegro when I first came to Poland.
In England I used eBay so I was looking for something
similar. a friend of mine mentioned Allegro so I looked it
up on the Net and I found out about its history. So what
I know is that Allegro began in 1999 and that it was started
by eight men from Poznań and a man from Holland. They
called it Allegro because it means doing something quickly.
It’s interesting to know that at the beginning, it was a small
business. Their first office was in a tiny two-room flat. Now, of
course, it’s a large company which has almost three hundred
employees. The service is used by over five million people!
I also learnt that the first thing sold on Allegro was a webcam
for 320 zlotys. To become an Allegro user, you have to be
over 18, which I’m sure you know. That’s all really ...
A: Imagine you had £1000 to spend in an hour. What would you
B: Hang on. I’m watching something.
A: Come on. Turn the telly off.
B: What was the question?
A: Imagine you had £1000 to spend in an hour. What would you
B: What a question! I’ve never had so much money to spend so
I’ve never thought about anything like this …
A: Come on. Use your imagination!
B: How about you then?
A: Oh, no problem! I’d go to the nearest shopping mall and
get some cool-looking clothes, a smartphone, some new
jewellery and make-up.
B: Oh! Girls always know what they want. I’d have trouble
spending this amount of money in an hour. Perhaps I’d buy
some trendy things to wear as well, a brand new netbook or
some crime stories in hardback.
A: You see. It wasn’t so hard to think of something, was it, Peter?
B: Yeah, right … But what’s the point of talking about
something we’re never going to do? It’s just pointless and
A: Don’t you ever daydream?!!!
B: No! I’m hungry. Let’s see what there is in the fridge, shall we?
18-year-old Di’Onna Parker and 16-year-old Jer Gallay have to
do the family grocery shopping because their parents work
full-time. They have different attitudes towards the food they
are buying. She shops strictly for price, comparing brand names
with store name products. The amount of fat and sodium
doesn’t concern her, she says. However, she is concerned about
food safety. She stays away from products which she believes
may cause food poisoning. Jer Gallay also makes frequent
runs to the grocery store. Unlike Di’Onna when Jer shops for
the family, he looks for low-cholesterol or organic foods. His dad
suffers from a heart problem, and Jer studies labels to select
foods beneficial for his father. What would you put in your
shopping trolley if you were responsible for your family’s grocery
I know very few people are fond of adverts and commercials,
especially those shown in the middle of films or other TV
programmes. My friends say that doing this to viewers is quite
unfair but actually, I don’t mind watching commercials. Some
of them are very cleverly done. They make me laugh as well –
they’re just fun to watch.
I’ve no idea why companies bother spending so much money
on commercials. It’s not like they are works of art, are they?
No-one pays any attention to adverts any more. People switch
over the channels as soon as commercials come on! Half of
the commercials we view lie anyway. Plus, we don’t need TV to
tell us what to buy – we make our own decisions so I think that
advertising is pointless. It just doesn’t work.
I’m not a great fan of commercials but I believe they have
a purpose to serve. For a start, they tell us about what’s new
on the market so we have the chance to find out about useful
products or services, for example. Secondly, we learn about
special offers or bargains, which I think many people appreciate.
Without commercials, customers would be lost!
I believe that advertising has become very creative in recent
years. I’ve seen some excellent billboards which looked more
like paintings or artistic photographs than adverts. Some TV
commercials resemble film shots, use good actors and are
simply impressive. I think soon there will be a museum devoted
to them. Ads can be annoying but some are just a real pleasure
to look at.
museum, hotel, park, stadium, theatre, bus, taxi, yacht,
helicopter, tourist, tourist information, map, reservation, historic
A: Excuse me, how far is the nearest music shop?
B: There’s one in the High Street.
A: How do I get there?
B: Go along this street as far as the first traffic lights. Then take
the first left, go straight on for about 200 yards. The music
store will be on your right.
A: Thank you very much.
B: You’re welcome.
Jack: I must say it was a complete nightmare. To begin
with, the plane was late. It was delayed because we
had to wait for a missing passenger. By the time we
got to London, I’d missed my connection to Seville.
So I had to wait at the airport for 8 hours. I had very
little money so I couldn’t eat a proper meal, and my
phone wasn’t working so I couldn’t tell my friend
I was going to be late. The worst thing was that when
I finally got to Seville, I realized I’d lost my new mp4
player!!! Luckily, the rest of the holiday was much
A: Excuse me, I’m looking for the main post office. Can you tell
me the way?
B: Yes, sure. Go straight on for about 200 yards. Turn left, sorry,
I mean right at the traffic lights. Carry on for about 100 yards
and then take the first left.
A: What’s the name of the street?
B: I think it’s St Edward’s Avenue.
A: Thank you!
B: You’re welcome.
A: Hello, what’s the fare to the railway station, please?
B: About 5 pounds.
A: OK then. I need to catch the six o’clock train. Is there much
traffic on the way?
B: Quite probably at this time but we should make it in time.
You’ll be quicker than if you got on a bus. So where are you
off to?
A: I’m going to London for a geography conference …
B: Interesting …
A: So what did you like about your trip?
B: Lots of things, really. The castle was impressive, I must
say, with all the rooms and gardens but I think I loved
the fountain in the main square the most. Its design is quite
unusual, I must admit.
A: And the cathedral?
B: Yeah, as well but it wasn’t as extraordinary as the fountain.
A: Oh, I see.
Oh, I’m so angry! First, they said that the flight was going to be
on time, then that it was delayed by two hours and eventually,
that it was cancelled. By the time we found out, it was 1 am.
Everyone was very tired and hungry and the airline didn’t even
bother to help us find accommodation. That was the most
annoying thing! I ended up sleeping on the airport floor! Just
New Orleans is the largest city in Louisiana, a state in the USA.
It is a multicultural place because of its rich history. The heart
of the city is along the streets of the Vieux Carré, New Orleans’
oldest and most interesting neighbourhood. The city is
the birthplace of jazz music, blues, gospel and R&B. It is also
the birthplace of Louis Armstrong and Fats Domino. So it isn’t
surprising that the New Orleans Jazz Fest – a ten-day festival –
attracts hundreds of people.
Another even more famous festival is Mardi Gras, organized at
the end of the carnival period. It is a four-day festival of costume
parties and colourful parades. With so many attractions New
Orleans is a must-see!
A: So what kind of holidays do you prefer?
B: Well, I can’t stand crowds of people so I hardly ever go to
popular seaside resorts. However, I’m a great fan of water
sports and I like spending my holidays close to water. I love
kayaking and fishing – both are very relaxing and I can do
them locally so I go to the nearest lake or river to enjoy
myself. And you Jim?
A: I’m not too keen on any sports activities. I don’t really like
lying on the beach for hours either. So during my holidays
I try to do as much sightseeing as possible. I absolutely adore
big old towns, which are full of monuments and museums.
I love to stop for a cup of coffee in a cosy bar and to watch
people passing by.
B: I wouldn’t be able to relax that way. I don’t mind sightseeing
as long as the place is empty of tourists.
A: Ha, ha! That’s impossible, especially during the high season.
B: That’s why I choose places off the beaten track!
A: I’d die of boredom in such places. That’s for sure!
According to a story from Reuters News, girls who walk or bike
to school perform better in language and maths skills than their
friends who catch the bus or drive a car. And the longer the girls
commute, the better they perform – no matter how much
other exercise and sports activity they do. What is interesting is
that the better test results isn’t the case for boys, which seems
surprising. Some scientists openly say that girls perform better
than boys in general and the way they travel to school has
nothing to do with their success at school. I wonder what you
think. Ring us up now to share your views. Fiona Jenkins for
Radio Five.
I don’t need much when I’m on holiday. I’m not bothered about
luxurious rooms or wonderfully served food. I don’t care where
I go as long as the place is free from noise and traffic. I relax
best close to nature, preferably somewhere beautiful. I just love
listening to silence.
I prefer an active way of spending my holidays. I have to be on
the go all the time so, as you can imagine, I can’t stay in one
place for long. I need fun to chill out so I always go to places
which offer lots of sports and entertainment facilities – just
things I can do with my friends.
I really don’t understand how people can go camping or stay in
poor quality places somewhere off the beaten track. I know that
what matters are the people you’re with but I’m afraid I require
more than that. To relax, I need a clean self-catering apartment
with all the mod cons. I want to feel just like I’m at home.
I love visiting beautiful places, where the views are just out
of this world. Sometimes I could sit for hours and admire
the mountains or the sea. However, what makes my holidays fun
and memorable are my travel companions. It’s so much nicer
to share those lovely moments with someone else, plus I don’t
really like being on my own. I also appreciate comfortable
accommodation but I suppose it isn’t a must.
1. Shall I take a bus or tram?
2. Excuse me, how far is the National Museum please?
3. Should I get a sleeping compartment?
4. Did you say ‘underground’? I’m not sure I understand …
5. Where can I find a cheap place to stay?
ballet, film, literature, theatre, comedy, horror, legend, novel,
romance, programme, architecture, portrait, gallery, graffiti,
spray, photography, rock, hip-hop, rap, classical music, concert,
opera, guitar, piano, saxophone
Joe: Last weekend, I went to the cinema with my younger
brother to see Star Wars. They were showing it as part
of the Star Wars festival and I couldn’t possibly miss it.
I’d seen it millions of times but it was my brother’s first
time. He was a bit scared at the beginning but then he
got really into the adventures of Luke Skywalker. When
the film finished, he wanted to know all about George
Lucas, the film director, all the actors and the other
episodes. So we went home and we looked Star Wars
up on the Net. He’s now a great fan of the series.
In fact, he’s mad about it. He wants to start his own
collection of Star Wars gadgets.
A: So what do you think about the acting?
B: I think it was pretty good, especially the main actors. What
do you reckon?
A: I was impressed by the dialogues – especially in the second
act – they were really funny.
B: Yes. No wonder they got a standing ovation.
A: Dad! The TV isn’t working.
B: Maybe the batteries in the remote control have gone flat.
Have you checked?
A: Yes. It isn’t them.
B: So check if the decoder hasn’t been disconnected and I’ll
have a look at the satellite dish – perhaps it moved last night.
It was quite windy, wasn’t it?
A: OK, dad.
A: So what’s your opinion?
B: I didn’t really like it that much. It was a strange combination
of a fairy tale and a ghost story. The plot was too complicated
and the dialogues were so long! And you?
A: I agree. It didn’t get good reviews either. I don’t think it’s
going to be a best-seller this time. Maybe if they make it into
a movie and add a good soundtrack, it’ll be interesting to
B: Yeah, maybe …
Everybody wants to be smart, everybody wants to show off
what they know. Give up the Internet and read books. Books are
wonderful and books make you clever. There are lots of good
books in our library – just come and have a look. Borrow at
least three books a month and get a cinema ticket to see one of
the adaptations. Why don’t you become a bookworm? READING
Tim: Rebecca, what’s on now?
Rebecca: One of my favourite programmes. They’ve invited my
favourite actor and they’re going to interview him.
These interviews are usually very interesting and
funny at the same time so I can’t miss it!
Tim: Oh. You’re like Eliza. Another TV addict!
Rebecca: Not quite. She keeps watching these stupid love
stories that have millions of episodes. I don’t do that.
What’s wrong with watching an interview with my
favourite actor? Don’t tell me you want to watch
something now as well, Tim?
Tim: No, not now. My favourite programme isn’t on until
later. It’s the final today. Just two teams left to try and
win the main prize.
Rebecca: See? Who’s a TV addict?!
Tim: Not me. You and your boyfriend more like it!
Rebecca: Leave him alone! He just follows what’s going on in
politics and sport. He likes to be up-to-date. That’s all.
Tim: Yeah, right!
A: So what is Project Gutenberg?
B: It’s a project to make as many books as possible digital.
People working on the project try to publish books for free
on the Internet. We call them e-books.
A: That’s a good idea. How big is the collection of e-books?
B: There are over 24 thousand books in the collection. Most of
them are in English but there are books in other languages
too, for example in French, Spanish and Dutch. There are 50
new books every week!
A: Wow! How did the project start?
B: It was started by Michael Hart in 1971. Michael Hart was then
a student at an American university. With a group of friends,
he started to type out the most popular books and put them
on the university net. It was very hard work and they did it
for free. Later on, when scanners were invented, the work
became much easier.
A: What kind of books can you read online?
B: Poetry, short stories and drama but also cookbooks and
A: It really sounds great. Do you think we’re going to only read
books online in the future?
B: I hope not, but e-books will become more popular for sure.
A: Thank you very much.
B: You’re welcome.
Paparazzi are journalists who take photographs of famous
people in their public and private lives. The word ‘paparazzi’
became popular after the 1960 film La dolce vita directed by
Federico Fellini. One of the characters in the film was a news
photographer named Paparazzo. Fellini remembered his
schoolmate who was called ‘Paparazzo’ because he talked fast.
In fact, the word ‘paparazzo’ means ‘a noisy mosquito’.
Nowadays paparazzi sell their photos to magazines and
newspapers, which celebrities find extremely annoying. Celebs
often complain about the lack of privacy and the fact that their
affairs hit the headlines. But the worst thing is all the gossip,
which is mostly untrue.
There is also a new type of paparazzi which we call snaparazzi.
These are just common people who take pictures of events
which go on around them with their mobile phones or
camcorders. These people often sell them to TV stations or
the editors of glossy magazines to make money.
I remember hearing this music for the first time. I was walking
back from school and a guy was playing it in his car. I stopped
to ask him who it was and when he said the name, I knew
I hadn’t heard it before. When I got home, I went on YouTube
and found some video clips of this artist. He’s got an interesting
voice but the best thing about him is that he can play at least
four instruments well and he can sing and dance. He must be
the most gifted artist on the globe. Well, at least I think so!
I never liked the theatre before I went to see this musical. I was
so impressed with the music, the voices of the actors and their
dancing that I got really hooked on theatre and ballet. There’s
this one woman who plays in most of the performances who,
I think, is a great comic actress. Whichever role she plays, she
makes people laugh. It’s real fun to watch her dance and sing,
especially in musicals. She’s my favourite.
I enjoy watching the stage adaptations of his works. All of
them are very original and usually quite funny. His plays
usually surprise the audience because the endings are often
unpredictable, which isn’t easy to achieve in modern times.
The guy is only 25 years old but I believe he’s the one to watch.
He’s very talented and both his comedies and tragedies are
really amazing stories.
She’s just truly impressive. I don’t think I know anyone like her.
I’ve seen her in lots of movies and theatre plays. Every time she
takes on a different role and every time she does it, she turns it
into a really amazing experience for the viewer. She’s excellent
in both comedies and dramas. She’s generally very gifted. She’s
got a beautiful voice and from what I know she’s trying her
hand at writing plays as well.
sports discipline, athletics, baseball, football, golf, tennis,
hockey, judo, jogging, rugby, cricket, tennis racket, goal, ring,
stadium, match, club, fitness club, medal, opponent, record
Olivia: Many people think that cheerleading is just a bit of fun
during basketball or football matches. But in the USA
it is, in fact, a professional and popular sport. It isn’t
a new idea as some people think – it has a very long
history, which goes back to the1880s.
Most American colleges and universities have their
teams of cheerleaders. The teams take part in about
ten cheerleading competitions a year. Each team can
have between 6 and 36 male or female athletes. They
sometimes prepare for the whole year to perform for
just 2,5 minutes during a match break!
A lot of famous people were cheerleaders – for example
Madonna, George W. Bush and Cameron Diaz. I want to
be a cheerleader too when I get to my college!
A: So what time is the match?
B: It starts at half past one but we’re meeting on the rink for
practice at twelve.
A: OK then. Don’t forget your skates this time, will you?
B: I won’t. Don’t worry.
A: Well, you keep forgetting your ski sticks when we go skiing
so I thought I should remind you about the skates.
B: Yeah, yeah …
A: So why did you take it up, Bob?
B: I love team sports and I’m tall enough to play it. When I’m on
the court, I just love it. It’s a fast game and a lot can happen
in one minute. Do you play any sports?
A: Actually, I don’t. I may take up badminton or tennis …
A: Who won the last World Cup?
B: You don’t remember? We watched the match together and
you supported Spain. It wasn’t exactly a boring match, was it?
A: No, it wasn’t. I remember now – there were some spectacular
B: Yes, it was a very exciting match.
Welcome, everybody. Thank you for coming. As you know, we’re
going to offer some extreme sports to our students as a way of
encouraging them to keep fit. a lot of students have expressed
their interest in activities like bungee jumping, caving and
mountaineering. These disciplines, as you know, are considered
dangerous so we need parents’ permission to start the project.
As a physical education trainer, I’d encourage you to give your
kids a chance to have a go. Here’s a list for you to sign if you allow
your child to take up any of the mentioned sports. Any questions?
Welcome to our weekly programme on the stars of football.
Today we’re going to talk about the life and achievements
of the Brazilian footballer Kaká.
Kaká was born on the 22nd of April 1982. He started playing
football at the age of eight and he signed his first contract when
he was fifteen. He helped his youth team to win the Brazilian
Junior Cup. He soon began to attract the attention of European
football clubs and in 2003, he joined AC

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