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7. Zakupy i usługi
5. Życie rodzinne i ...
5. Życie rodzinne i towarzyskie 6. Zywienie
son, cousin, colleague, class, hobby, lunch, festival, pub,
celebrate, congratulations, condolences, argument
Daniel: My mum didn’t keep in touch with her family so I didn’t
really know them very well. I hadn’t seen my godfather,
my mum’s brother Tom, for years when one day he
came to see me before Christmas. He brought me lots of
presents and invited me to watch a football match with
him. Now he’s my best friend and we get on really well.
We never argue and we understand each other perfectly.
I often visit him with Tina, my girlfriend and we go for
long walks. It’s great to have him back in my life!
A: Alan, why do you keep leaving such a mess?! I’m really tired
of cleaning up after you.
B: I’m sorry but I’m busy studying for my exams.
A: Well, I understand but it isn’t fair. I’m also busy and I can’t
wash up and put your things away all the time. We share
this place and all the duties, don’t we? We don’t live with our
parents anymore – so we all need to do something!
B: Yeah, all right. I’ll try to remember …
Please leave a message after the tone …
… Hi, Jess. I’ve been trying to call you all day! Where are you?
I’ve got some news for you. Debbie and Mike have changed
the date of their wedding. It’s no longer April 30th. They’re
planning to get married on the 14th of May. So we need to
decorate the house the day before – hope that’s OK with you.
Ring back as soon as you can, please.
A: Robbie, it’s your aunt’s birthday tomorrow. I think we could
organize a surprise party for her.
B: Tomorrow? I’m seeing my girlfriend tomorrow and we want
to go to the cinema.
A: Robbie, your aunt is 75 tomorrow and she’ll be very happy
if her family and especially her nephew remember her
birthday. You can bring your girlfriend with you. The cinema
can wait, can’t it?
B: OK, I suppose so. I’ll speak to Sylvia about it.
A: Great! So you can go and get a birthday card and some
flowers on the way home from school tomorrow.
B: Yeah, sure …
Paul and Josh are my twin brothers. They look the same but
they’re interested in completely different things. Paul’s into
sports, especially winter sports. He’s very keen on skating, for
example. Josh, on the other hand, loves puzzles and different
games. He plays chess with his friends all the time. But there’s
one thing they have in common – they’re both into drawing
and painting. They’re very good at it, actually.

A: I know that chat rooms, services like Messenger or our Polish
Gadu-Gadu or blogs are very popular meeting places. I’ve
made a lot of friends on the Internet myself but is it true
that people can now buy friends on the Internet? What do
experts such as you have to say about this?
B: Yes, it is. It’s a new thing, at least in Poland. People sell their
friendship like shops sell products. There are three types of
friendship: standard, extra and VIP.
A: What’s the difference?
B: For example, the standard friendship means you have
an Internet friend for six months and you get two email
messages a month.
A: What about the VIP one?
B: This one is really interesting. You get a friend for life and
email messages every day.
A: Do you really have to pay for these friends?
B: Yes, you do and it isn’t cheap.
A: Thank you, Mr Johnson.
The Full Moon Party is the best and biggest all-night party in
the world. It takes place on the Sunrise Beach on the island of
Koh Phangan in Thailand, on the night of every full moon. These
parties are very popular with tourists and each party attracts
between 10,000–30,000 people! The parties are huge festivals
of music and dancing. Partygoers always wear colourful clothes,
headbands and sunglasses. They often paint their bodies in
fluorescent paints and then they dance the night away to
the rhythms of drum and bass, house and reggae. People find
these parties so exciting that in some parts of Thailand people
organize Half Moon parties twice a month.
A: How do you find being an only child?
B: When I come to think of it, I guess it’s not so bad. I don’t have
to share my parents’ attention and time with anyone. We
actually get the chance to be with each other for a few hours
every day. I get more pocket money and better presents so,
on the whole, I think I prefer it like that. And you?
A: Well, I’m not sure. My parents are extremely busy so they
hardly ever spend time with me. Perhaps if I had a brother or
sister, I would have some company, someone to go out with.
B: Yeah, but you don’t know whether or not you would get on
with your sibling or not. You could end up arguing all the time.
A: Maybe … but at the same time we could just be great mates.
I’m an optimist as you know.
B: Yeah, I guess people who have a sibling feel less lonely and
have someone to talk to. Still, I quite enjoy being on my own.
A: Lucky you! I don’t. I guess I’ll have you to talk to every day
during the school breaks.
My mum and dad are both very hard-working lawyers and they
want me to follow in their footsteps and become a lawyer too.
I’m totally uninterested in things like law, plus I’m too young to
know what I would like to do in the future. So I refuse to listen
to them and do what they want me to do, which is study history
for example. I want to spend my time with my friends and my
parents criticize me for that every day. They say I waste my time.
But apart from this, we feel quite close to one another.
My parents help me a lot but I’ve had enough of them telling me
what to do and how to do it. Every time I want to make my own
decision, they say I’m too young to decide about things like my
friends or my future. They think I’m a five-year-old, who knows
nothing. I’d appreciate more freedom and I think I’ll talk to them
about it. Maybe they simply don’t realize what they’re doing.
I used to do as I was told by my parents until I decided I wanted
to be more independent. My dad disagreed with my way of
looking at things and started shouting at me. I answered back
and said something horrible to my mum and since then we’ve
been quarrelling all the time. I’m sorry about what I said to my
mum but I want them to be sorry about the way they treat me
as well.
My parents have never been overprotective. My friends often
complain that their parents tell them what to do and I must say
I feel sorry for them. I’ve always been encouraged to think for
myself, take my own decisions and live with them. I’ve mademistakes but they were my own mistakes and I had to correct
them myself. I may take my parents’ advice but I often try to
think of a solution to the problem on my own. I enjoy this,
banana, chocolate, cream, jam, pizza, pasta, spaghetti, steak,
yoghurt, salad, soup, dessert, fast food, lunch, grill, mix, café,
bar, menu
1. For breakfast I had a bowl of cornflakes and a glass of water.
2. For lunch I had tomato soup and a mixed salad.
3. For dinner I went to a restaurant.
4. For a starter I had a piece of melon.
5. For the main course I had grilled chicken and some boiled
6. I had no dessert after the meal.
7. For supper at home I just had a piece of toast with butter and
a cup of tea.
Angela: Generally speaking, I like eating most foods. I try to eat
healthy meals and snacks. I often cook for myself and
I know how to make many different salads and pasta
dishes. I usually have water with my meals or a cup of
very strong tea. But I have one real problem …
– I really love eating pizza. I know it’s fast food and it
isn’t very good for you but I can’t stop myself. The pizza
I really love is the one with lots of cheese, salami
and black olives. They serve these pizzas in an Italian
restaurant not far from my school, so whenever I have
some time, I go there. I usually order a big one and
I never leave anything on my plate. It’s so delicious!!!
A: Are you ready to order, Sir?
B: Yes. I’d like mushroom soup for my starter and fish and chips
for the main course.
A: Anything to drink?
B: Yes, can I have a glass of still mineral water please, but only
when I finish my meal?
A: Certainly.
A: So what do you fancy?
B: I’m not very hungry. Maybe a salad or a pancake? And you?
A: I’m starving. I need a real meal. I’m going to have steak and
chips, I think.
B: OK, I’ll just have a spinach pancake. Let’s get the waiter
then …
A: What a day!
B: Yes, it is very busy today, isn’t it?
A: And I have this really terrible customer! He doesn’t
like anything I serve him and he wants to complain to
the manager about me.
B: Which one?
A: The one sitting next to the window.
B: Oh, I know him. He’s always like that. Why does he keep
coming back?
I really had no idea what to buy for my mum. She loves getting
bits and pieces for her kitchen so that was all I knew. First, I was
looking at some plates but the choice wasn’t too good. I also
thought about buying a new saucepan but the ones I saw were
quite expensive so in the end I went for a kettle. The one she has
is quite old, actually. It seemed a better option than the plates
or the saucepan.
Laura: Hi, dad! Is the barbecue ready? My friends are coming
round in an hour or so.
Father: Not quite, Laura. I didn’t know what to put on it. Not
everybody likes steak and chips like me. Any idea what
you fancy, what they fancy?
Laura: You know me. No meat! I’m a vegan, remember.
Father: Yeah, yeah … How about Tim?
Laura: Tim wouldn’t mind some grilled salmon if you have
Father: That’s fine. I bought some this morning. What about
Laura: Not sure. He’s keen on meat stuff, mushrooms but not
A: Everybody knows that Britain is a tea-drinking nation but
what does this actually mean?
B: Well, we just drink a lot of tea. We drink 165 million cups of it
a day and each year we import around 144 thousand tons of
different teas.
A: That’s really a lot. Is there a special British way of making tea?
B: I think so. We put one spoonful of tea for each person plus
one extra spoonful in a warmed teapot and add boiling
water. We drink it very strong and with a lot of milk.
A: Why milk? This tradition isn’t very common in the rest of
the world. I travelled to Poland last week and hardly anyone
likes tea with milk there. I felt strange asking for milk all
the time but the Poles were understanding of my English
B: Well, I think the tradition started many years ago when
people drank tea in delicate porcelain cups. So as not to
break the cups, people added cold milk first and that’s how it
A: Interesting. Thank you very much for all this information.
B: You’re welcome.
‘The English have their breakfast, the Scottish have their
haggis’, some people say. Scotland is well-known for its game
and salmon but above all for its most traditional dish – haggis.
Haggis is made from lamb’s liver, lungs and heart mixed with
onions, herbs and spices, all packed in a bag made from
a sheep’s stomach. In fact, it looks like a sausage. Haggis is
served with mashed potatoes or turnips. It is the main course
served at the Burns supper on the week of January 25th, when
Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns, is remembered.
I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. All people need to
do is change their ways and habits. What’s the point of killing
thousands of innocent creatures so that we can eat them?
It’s a myth that humans must eat beef or pork to get enough
protein. People should eat more vegetables instead.
I couldn’t eat meat. When I think of those poor animals which
get killed, it makes me sick. But that’s not the reason why I’ve
become a vegetarian. I’ve felt much much better since I gave
up eating meat. What’s more, I believe that meat-free diets are
the most beneficial for our health – just look at me. I’m a real
picture of health.
I’ve had enough of people telling me what I should and
shouldn’t eat. I love eating meat, fatty stuff and all things
forbidden. Just look at the people who do the opposite. They
look so pale and thin. Sometimes I think they have no energy to
do anything and they often seem so unwell!
I work as a doctor so I know what I’m talking about. Humans
should have regular portions of meat every week. a meat-based
diet is actually advisable from the point of view of one’s health.
It keeps people healthy so it’s simply necessary to eat either
pork, beef or turkey, for example. Of course, our meals shouldn’t
consist only of meat but ought to be rich in vitamins and
minerals so greens are very important too.

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